Crawford with the cards

Crawford with the cards

A 15-year-old has been praised by teachers and parents across four continents for his creation of cards which help develop young people's writing skills.

Bestselling authors have poured praise on schoolboy Crawford Johnston's Creative Writing Magic Money Cards which have turned into a huge success by helping school kids to improve their writing skills.

Children's Fiction prize winning author Meg Rosoff has joined with Alexander McCall Smith and the steadily growing group of influential writers and teachers - including SEN departments - who admire the young schoolboy’s thoughtful method to develop English writing skills.

“I think they're brilliant and can see why schools and councils are picking them up," Meg said. "Fantastically clever to have put so many writing ideas together in that format.'s really a great idea.”

Alexander said: “Magnificent. A most remarkable idea.”

Teachers agree.

When the UK National Union of Teachers (NUT) supports an idea then the educational establishment sits up and takes note. Over 300,000 teachers in their NUT membership magazine, The Teacher, can now read the praise for Crawford’s Creative Writing Magic Money Cards which help 9 - 15 year olds across a range of ability levels improve their creative writing skills in English. (A method so versatile that it can also help adults.)

The reviews editor at The Teacher magazine calls it: "Well thought out! Quite excellent!" And the National Association  for the Teaching of English said: "Empowers learners and encourages them to work independently. Relevant and accessible. Would support any creative writing scheme of work or homework."

An experienced Head of Special Educational Needs meeting with the schoolboy founder to buy further sets for her department remarked that she was delighted with them and that they have the potential to work for a huge range of pupils, including those with special educational needs.

“One university professor was so impressed with my cards that he has encouraged his graduate students to help on my website,” explains 15-year-old Crawford enthusiastically.

Questioned on his latest sales as he celebrates his first successful year in business the budding businessman smiles, “Sales to parents are racing forward - and to schools, too. They are far ahead of where I thought they would be after one year and sales stretch across four continents. It is very exciting. School kids like the cards because they help. They just get it.”

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