Grandparents will Save Families Over £15 Million this Valentine’s Day

Grandparents will Save Families Over £15 Million this Valentine’s Day

The nation’s grandparents will save UK mums and dads a staggering £15.3m in childcare costs this Valentine’s Day.

Over one million grandparents, which equals to 10 per cent of all grandparents, will be giving mums and dads a well-earned break by looking after their grandchildren, as parents head out to celebrate the occasion of love.

Peter Corfield, Managing Director at RIAS, said: “Grandparents are often the unsung heroes in families’ lives and their commitments this Valentine’s Day proves it more than ever.

Grandparents in the North East are in high demand with almost a quarter being called on to babysit on Valentine’s Day, far higher than the national average, while 17 per cent of London grans and granddads also said they’ll be putting romance on hold to care for their grandchildren.

“With today’s parents struggling against rising childcare costs and cuts to Child Benefit for some families, it’s nice to know that they can still rely on their mums and dads to look after their grandchildren so they can enjoy a well-deserved night out.

“And today’s grandparents need no excuse to spend some extra time with their grandchildren.”

Romance is still alive amongst grandparents, with two in five planning to do something special. A recession-busting romantic evening at home is the most popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, followed by going out for a meal or drink, or visiting the theatre or cinema.

And it’s reassuring to know that the art of giving gifts doesn’t disappear with age. UK grandparents are still proving to be ‘old romantics’ with two fifths looking to buy that someone special a card or present this Valentine’s Day.

The research also showed that granddads are more likely to treat their loved ones with a third buying a Valentine’s card compared with 28 per cent of grandmas.

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