Withings Makes the World’s First Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale

Withings Makes the World’s First Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale

Withings, pioneers of Internet connected devices, announces availability of its Internet connected baby and toddler scale, the Withings Smart Kid Scale.

Withings has combined cutting edge technology and exquisite design to create a scale that will give parents a simple to use and extremely accurate way to monitor, understand and share their child’s growth using the power of the internet.

The Smart Kid Scale is the ideal device to help parents start their kids off on the right track to a future long-term healthy lifestyle.

Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings, said: “With the Smart Kid Scale, we’re hoping to bring the same positive outcomes we’ve seen in adults with weigh tracking to the adults of the future.

"We’ve made it very simple for parents to track the weight progress of their children and therefore giving them a tool that will assist in turning their children into healthy adults."

The Smart Kid Scale has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for the instant transfer of data measured by the scale to be sent directly to the Withings Baby Companion application.By using the Withings Smart Kid Scale and accompanying application, parents can access the history of their child’s weight readings. Also, parents can easily communicate the progress of their child’s weight with their doctor, paediatrician, family and friends.

In addition to storing weight data, the Withings Baby Companion app has been designed to allow parents to capture other important data and keep track of milestones. Users can log the child’s height and see how he/she compares with other children of the same gender and age.

The app also allows parents to keep track of feedings. Breastfeeding parents can log when the last feeding was, which side the baby fed from and how long the feeding was. Parents using bottles can keep track of bottles and ounces.

The Smart Kid Scale can be used from infancy to eight years old. The scale features a large graphical screen for animations and instructions, a button that allows parents to easily record their baby’s height, and a compact design.

The scale comes with a two-piece interlocking baby basket that is inserted into the scale’s base and is used to weigh infants. The bi-fold design is perfect for storage and travel. Once the child grows out of the baby basket and can stand up on his/her own, the basket can be removed to reveal a toddler scale.

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is available from Withings.com and other retailers for £140. The Withings Baby Companion app is available for free from the App Store at itunes.apple.com.

For more information on Withings, please visit www.withings.com 

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