As we’ve reached the fourteenth day of the month, it seems only fitting to showcase the traits of babies born on this day. So, if your child has a fourteen birthday, here are some characteristics that will be the cornerstones of their personality as they get older. 

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Change: Fourteen babies thrive in changing environments so they won’t suffer should you move house or send them to a new nursery or school. They adapt quickly when things alter in their world. As they get older they will switch jobs regularly, have different partners and move around a lot. It will be hard to keep up with them and their ever changing life. While adapting to inevitable shifts is a positive thing, they will struggle to settle and having some stability in one area of life is good and should be encouraged by parents. Try to teach them the benefits of having a constant wherever or whoever this may be in their world. You will always be there for them but they need more than just their parents to keep them grounded. 

Prudent: Your child will show care for and think about their future. While they may flit from place to place, job to job and partner to partner, they will do so because they are always looking ahead. Being future focused is one thing- but people who fixate on this can often miss out on the joys of the present so it will be up to you to help them savour the moment. 

Unpredictable: Your child will get a kick out of surprising you. While you may not agree with this approach- they will flourish in the uncertainty of the moment. While they are young, this could get them into trouble so it’s something you will need to keep a close eye on. Once they are an adult, you will simply need to go with the flow until they learn to settle down and pick them up when they fall. 

Money orientated: Money will be hugely important for your child and is likely why they will chase new jobs- they will seek out the best wage for their chosen career path. While they will never want for anything as soon as they begin to earn their own money, it has the potential to make them greedy and spend time with others who share the same values. Try to teach them that money is not everything and that other things matter in life too or they could end up being miserable and lonely. 

Unstable: Their desire for change will make your baby grow into an unbalanced adult, so it’s vital that you try to help them find some steadiness in their life. If you can’t reach them- encourage any friends or partners who are a strong influence in their life as this will help to establish some much needed equilibrium. 

Move on quickly: Your baby won’t dwell on things that have been- they will be able to move on from relationships, mistakes, locations and employment with no lasting damage, even when things don’t end well. It will be a comfort to you to know that your child won’t linger in negative feelings, but it’s also important to acknowledge the impact these events have on their life. Try to talk to your child when significant periods come to a close rather than just letting them brush over them completely. 

Take on other personalities: Number fourteens are so adaptable in social situations that they are able to adjust to other personalities even if they aren’t aligned with their own. This will make them easy to talk to and they will forge friendships quickly, however those people who are looking for something more meaningful might be hurt to find out that they aren’t being their authentic self. Talk to your child about the importance of staying true to who they are. A little manipulation of one’s personality is fine in the right circumstances, however people value honesty above all else. 

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