The number thirteen is thought to be unlucky by some, however in numerology, no numbers are considered unlucky, some are just a better fit for people than others. So you have nothing to worry about if your baby has a birthday on the thirteenth. Here are some things you can expect from them as they grow up to become an adult. 

ultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

ultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

Down to earth: Your child will be practical and realistic in everything they do. They will have no illusions or pretensions about the world which will set them up well for their later years. You may be thankful that they have this trait however it can come across to some as too direct. Be mindful of this and teach them to be tactful around those who prefer more abstract theories. 

Methodical: Your child will do things in an orderly manner from being very young- it will help them to feel in control of their surroundings and will aid them in their learning. Again, this is a characteristic to be proud of, however any disruption to their way of doing things can cause them to be uncomfortable so it’s worth letting them do it their way, as much as you can rather than resisting. 

Don’t give up easily: Your baby will fight to the bitter end if it means seeing something through to completion. Even from being young- you will notice a need to finish things whether that be a game or a book so they can tick it off. This will serve them well when they enter the world of work as they will be relied on to get the job done. The downside to this is they will be totally absorbed in whatever they are doing at the time so it will be difficult to get their attention or encourage them to focus on other things. Try all the same so they can get some sense of a work-life balance. 

Struggle to control themselves: If your child makes a decision to do something, they won’t be able to control the urge to start it there and then. While this proactive approach is a good thing, it can lead to impatience and an imbalance in priorities. Try to teach your child to do things that are most important first- even if they aren’t as appealing.

Satisfy base desires: Professor Stephen Reiss suggests there are 16 basic desires that guide nearly all meaningful behavior. The desires are power, independence, curiosity, acceptance, order, saving, honor, idealism, social contact, family, status, vengeance, romance, eating, physical exercise, and tranquility. If any of these aren’t being met for a number 13, they will struggle on a day to day basis. While these are a lot to juggle and satisfy as their parent, it may be more obvious when one of these becomes absent in their life- in which case you can try your best to fill the void. 

Loyal: While the above will make them a difficult partner to be with in a romantic or platonic sense, whoever is able to accept this cornerstone of their personality will receive unwavering loyalty in return. Your child will be a constant support for whoever they form a close bond with so their relationships will be giving and meaningful.

Working with their hands: Your baby will grow to be someone who likes to do things with their hands whether this is building, crafting or creating something- they will be happiest when they are able to do it for themselves. This may only form the basis for a hobby, however it could also filter through into their work space too. Either way, while they are young- invest in and encourage this passion as much as you can. 

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