Laura Trott is encouraging us to spend more time with our family

Laura Trott is encouraging us to spend more time with our family

An increase in parental time pressures means that children are not learning valuable life skills - with nearly half of the UK’s kids unable to ride a bike by the time they turn six.

First Choice, is teaming up with double Olympic gold medalist Laura Trott and innovative cycling specialists Balanceability, to teach this important life skill to children as young as two and a half.

According to new research released by First Choice nearly half of parents have less than 17 minutes a day to teach their children new skills, like learning to ride a bike. Parents cite working longer hours and completing household chores as the main barriers stopping them teaching their kids new skills.

Cyclist and London 2012 double Olympic gold medalist, Laura Trott, said: “Following on from the British success at the London 2012 Olympics and the more recent Tour de France, which saw a Briton win for the second year running, cycling has never been more popular. Our modern environment and time pressures that we face, however, mean that it can sometimes be hard for kids get into cycling from a young age. I’m therefore delighted to be working with First Choice to launch the Balanceability programme at their Holiday Village resort in Majorca, which is dedicated to giving more kids the chance to learn how to cycle from a young age. Perhaps one of the children taking advantage of this new scheme on their summer holiday will be a successful Olympian one day!”

The research also revealed that despite not being able to spend much active time with their children, three quarters of parents feel that learning to ride a bike is an important life skill. 

Maria Yates, Balanceability founder, comments: “Cycling is a life skill and we are thrilled that First Choice has recognised the importance of this skill. They are playing a massive part in making a real difference to the lives of children who will grow up possessing this important skill from a young age and will never forget the holiday that they learned to ride a bike!”

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