I recently bought my daughter a session with a photographer and a very big cake and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. The pictures are both beautiful and hilarious in equal measure and something we can look back on as a family for years to come. Here are just a few reasons why it’s such a wonderful experience.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Memories to treasure forever: Most photographers will send a file or give you a USB afterwards with all the images on as well as any you want printed out so you can have memories in digital or paper format depending on how you like to view and display your photographs. The digital images are ideal to display in a digital photo frame and your favourite print can be put in a single photo frame or even a collage.   

Significant birthday decor: If you have a big party for your child’s 16th, 18th or 21st, you can dig these pictures out and get them blown up for all the guests to see. It’s embarrassing for your child, but better to have some professional ones to show off on such an important occasion than some grainy ones you took on your phone. 

They can get messy: Where else will you willingly let them launch into a full occasion cake? It’s an opportunity for them to get messy- which toddlers are masters at- and you don’t have to clear up afterwards- a win-win! 

It’s a chance to capture their favourite things at the time: If you take some props with you, it will make the shoot more personalised and highlight the items that they loved at this age. This could be a toy or a blanket that they will not be parted from. When you pull them back out after some time has passed it becomes a talking point. 

Great for gifts: If grandparents are difficult to buy for, an album full of their grandchild tucking into a cake will be a huge hit and something they can show off to their friends and colleagues. Or you could use one of the images for a card to send to them in the post. 

Something different: While you might have dozens of pictures of your toddler in a high chair making a mess of their dinner, you probably don’t have the eye or the equipment to get the best shot of this moment. Taking them to a professional will ensure you get the best angles and lighting to capture this unique moment.

A chance to dress them up: If you want a picture of your little one in something other than a jumpsuit or play clothes, this is an opportunity to put them in something more extravagant. Perhaps you could dress them up as a cupcake too so it’s in-keeping with the theme of the shoot? Or put them in something that matches the colours of the cake? 

Happy cake smashing little ones! 

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