When your bundle of joy goes to sleep during the day, it’s precious time for you to do something you want for a little while, with your baby close by. Here are some suggestions:

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Sleep: The most obvious thing to do and probably top on your list of priorities is to get some nap time with your little one. It’s essential that you catch up on the rest you’ve missed during night-time feeds.

Eat: Chances are you neglect to feed yourself while your baby is awake because there is so much to do to cater for their needs that your own are forgotten about. So, while they are getting forty winks- take the time to eat something that will sustain you for the next shift when they wake.

Washing: Use this as an opportunity to throw in some washing. The best advice I was given by other mums is to do a wash a day, as the bibs and sleepsuits can mount up if you don’t. Do your laundry little and often and it wont become a huge task at the end of the week. Just remember to take the baby monitor with you if your machine is in another room! 

Watch your favourite TV show: If you know your baby will have a lengthy nap- pop on your favourite show that you’ve probably missed while you’ve been distracted with your motherly duties. Sit back and enjoy!

Read: If you have the energy, why not pick up that book you started before you gave birth, enjoy an article on your phone or grab that copy of your favourite trashy mag for some well needed escapism?

Organize: If your baby is napping in your room- you could declutter a set of drawers, rid your wardrobe of all the maternity wear or sort out your bedside table as it’s likely accrued a lot of baby things since your little one came along. If this is your activity of choice- just make sure you do it quietly!

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Write: Write about your feelings of being a new mum, write in your journal or write a letter to someone. It can be a very cathartic process, especially if you are suffering from the baby blues.

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