Hi everyone welcome to this month’s blog! As the summer holidays are nearly upon us, I thought I’d provide you with a few survival tips to get us all through them!

I'm A Mini

I'm A Mini

This summer holidays will be my first one with all three of my kids at home, as last year my little boy still went to nursery in the holidays, but now I get the free 15 hours he only goes to nursery term time. So, please if you have any other tips that I don’t mention then please send them my way! Put it this way my wine rack will be fully stocked! Haha!

Okay so here are few things I’ve either done myself or friends have done!

Plan, plan, plan!! I know this is boring, but hopefully it will help you feel less stressed once the holidays arrive. Whether you work from home or go out to work, make sure any childcare you know you’re going to need is arranged in advance. The days your free, either plan in days out, days with friends or day on the sofa! If you have some kind of schedule that the whole family know about then hopefully it will make things a little easier.

One app that I have found recently is Cozi its an app all family members can be linked to so everyone can see what’s happening when, there’s also a place for to do lists and even recipes for when you’re stuck for ideas for meal times!

Keeping the kids occupied over the summer is the most difficult, especially on those days when you have no plans. So below is a list I found that I think is great and should be useful for those of you who have younger children.

The following tip is linked to the one above. I found this idea last year and have used it ever since. Warning to you as the parent though: you have to be prepared to do what it says too! HAHA! Create a lucky dip bag with different ideas on for the kids to do eg. Have a film day, go for a bike ride, go to the park, have a picnic, help mum/dad with the housework, arts and crafts etc – you could select some of the activities from the list above. Add all these to the bag and on the days you have no plans let the kids choose from the bag what to do! I’m sure you’ll create some great memories!

Arrange playdates – this at least gives the kids chance to play with their friends and you to chat to yours, hopefully with a brew or maybe even something stronger if needed! Whether you meet out and about or at either ones house, having adult company around can make days that little bit easier.

Have some days out! Of course we all want to treat our kids over the holidays but it can soon get very expensive! So, check what events are happening in your local area, there are often free events put on throughout the summer in parks, at museums, libraries, nature reserves - which can help to keep the cost down.

On about keeping costs down, I need to have a mini rant about the prices of ice creams from an ice cream van!! (Bear with me) What the hell happened to a 99! I was out at the weekend with my three kids and it was £2.50 for a single cone with a flake! RIDICULOUS! I didn’t have enough cash and to be honest I begrudge paying that price, even if I had enough money! So, we ended up getting a tub of ice cream and some cones from Aldi for less than £2!! Bargain! I got 15 ice creams out of that tub!! Anyway, now of course the kids love an ice cream from the van but again you may not always have the spare cash so why not make your own ice cream and just get the cones!

Ice Cream Recipe:

300ml Double Cream

1 Can of condensed milk

Add any topping of your choice to the mix

1 Plastic box (ice cream tub)

Whisk the double cream until you get soft peaks (don’t over whisk) then stir in the condensed milk, till mixed. You can now add, chocolate chips, any sauce – anything you like really and mix. Once mixed add to a plastic box and freeze.

It’s that easy! The kids could even make it and you have ice cream anytime! I made mine last weekend! A cheaper way of keeping the kids happy over the holidays!

Finally, as parents we need time away from the kids for our own sanity! Try and get time on your own or with your partner! Send the kids to family or friends, don’t be afraid of asking for help! You need your space too in order to survive! It will do you all some good! Oh and make sure you fill up the wine rack/beer fridge! You’re probably going to need a drink some days! Hahaha! Cheers!

Anyway, I wish you luck over the summer holidays! I hope you have an amazing time whatever you get up! Enjoy the time you get with your kids – make some great memories – let’s hope the weather is kind to us! I will be back next month to talk about going on holiday with your kids!

Love Rebecca x


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