Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples but for all those you love, including your baby, so if you have a new addition to the family, here are some suggestions on how to spend the day while in lockdown. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Dress them up: Take a look online and you are bound to find a number of baby grows that are covered in hearts or have a reference to love on them. Why not order one and pop your little one in it all day long to show how much they mean to you? Or if your budget will allow- buy a couple as your baby is bound to spit up on one of them and will require a change of outfit! 

Photo shoot: You could take it one step further and capture some pics of your little one in their new outfit or with some appropriate props like a heart shaped toy, rattle or teether. And don’t forget to send pictures to those who can’t be with you in person because of lockdown. Nothing will put a smile on a grandparent’s face like a photo of their beloved grandchild covered in kisses. 

Heart shaped lighting: Babies love lights, so why not hang a string of heart shaped fairy lights up at the window in your living area or in their room so they can enjoy looking at them? Be sure not to place them over their cot- keep them at a safe distance so they aren’t tempted to reach for them. 

Loving food: If your baby is at the weaning stage, you could serve their meal in a heart shaped bowl. Everything tastes better when eaten from a heart so see what you can find online to make their mealtimes more interesting on this day.  

Make a heart shaped cake or cookies: Babies are inquisitive and even though they are too little to eat such things, they will enjoy watching you making one from their bouncy chair all the same. Like a cooking show- just tell them what you are doing at each step of the way and you may just spark their interest for when they can help! 

Host a Valentine’s Day bubble party: If you are bubbling with some of your family, why not grab a few appropriately themed snacks for everyone and have a little get together? The shops are filled with foods shaped like hearts and treats adorned in the appropriate colours especially for the day. Put on a spread and if you want to make it even more special, place everything on a themed table cloth, hang up some bunting and blow up some balloons to give it that something extra. Your little one will lap up all the cuddles and love from those you invite. 

Play romantic music: Babies are often soothed by soft music, and nothing does it better than a love song. So, throw some tunes on while you feed your baby so you can both enjoy the relaxing notes or simply have a playlist on in the background throughout the day. This may help to calm them if they are teething and struggling to settle.  

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the new mums out there!

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