If you want to give your baby a treat this Halloween, here are some budget friendly- pumpkin coloured options. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Milledeux Halloween hair clips are delightfully spooky: from ghosts to pumpkins they complete Halloween outfits perfectly! The hair clips are handmade, using nickel free metal and certified OEKO-TEX® ribbon.  The hairstylist-grade clips are designed without teeth to prevent pulling and protect hair, while still being strong enough to stay put in the thinnest of hair and even very short hair.  Prices start from £9.00.  http://www.milledeux.com 


MORI's organic cotton and bamboo clothing ranges are super soft and cosy.  We love their 'Little Spooks' collection for this Halloween.  Made from 100% organic cotton, your little monsters will stay comfortable all day and night! Prices start from £22 and include this Spooky Eye jumpsuit, from £36.50. http://www.babymori.com 

Teething Toys for Little Vampires

Prevent wailing at ungodly hours this Halloween - give your little pumpkin something soft, safe and soothing to sink their teeth into…a Matchstick Monkey of course!

Available in a selection of colours, including seasonal orange, it’s the perfect Halloween gift for small teething babies right up to three year olds.


- Fun soft textured silicone teether providing soothing relief to aching gums

- Designed with toothbrush bumps on the back of the head to gently massage baby’s hard to get to molars

- Ergonomically designed “arms” help develop fine motor skills

- Easy to grasp handles and lightweight making sure it is easy to hold from a very young age

- Can be used as a pre-training toothbrush

- FDA food grade silicone and BPA free

- Available in bright eye catching colours

- Dishwasher, fridge and steam / cold water steriliser safe

- Bear Teether, Monkey and Mini Teether are made from Biocote® Antimicrobial technology - which kills 99.9% of microbes, and prevents bacteria from growing on the teether  

Matchstick Monkey from £7.99, www.matchstickmonkey.com

Munchkin Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup, 7oz/207ml 

Buy on Amazon (£3.99)

Perfect for babies transitioning away from a bottle to toddlers learning to drink from big cups, the innovative design of the Miracle 360° Trainer Cup contains a valve all around the rim meaning fluid can flow when contact is made with the valve. Not only does this prevent leaks and spillages, but with no extra spouts, straws or pieces, the Miracle 360° Cup is also easy to use and even easier to clean. 6+ months.

NEW Munchkin Miracle® 360° Fruit Infuser Cup, 14oz

Buy on Amazon (£12.99)

And finally, the latest addition to the Miracle360° line-up is the Fruit Infuser Cup! Thanks to a built-in juicer at the bottom of the cup that allows you to add fruit, this handy design gives water a punch of fruity flavour without added sugar. Not only does the fruit stay contained in the bottom basket, infusing water with fruity flavours no matter the water level, but the spill-proof cup design allows little ones to drink from any part of the rim with ease, supporting dental health.

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