Seven top items when travelling with kids. A recent straw poll of mums on Facebook found the top handbag items for travelling with kids includes wipes, snacks, a tablet, books, a change of clothing, children’s paracetamol and headphones.

Are you picking up a hire car at  your destination?

Are you picking up a hire car at your destination?

Are you travelling some where with a very different climate? pack lots of layers so children aren’t too hot or old when they land.

If you’re flying, remember the 100ml fluid rules at security.  So, don’t pack your kids favourite drinks bottles full of liquid as they will ask you to throw them away.

Are you picking up a hire car at  your destination? Make sure you know the car safety law for that country (handy infographic of top UK holiday destinations). There is a handy children’s car restraint called mifold which is approved to use across Europe for children aged 4+.

When flying take something for children to suck on. This will help with ear pressure and distract them from any pain.

If travelling in Europe remember the emergency telephone number is 112.  This will get immediate assistance from the fire brigade, a medical team and the police.

Think about packing a handy sized bag that children can take on board with them. Fill it with boredom busting bits and their favourite teddies.

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