If you have a little one at home and you are trying to work, chances are you are looking for ways to keep them entertained at the same time to avoid interruptions. Here are our top suggestions for keeping them occupied…

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Rotate their toys: Keep their toys new and interesting by swapping them around. If you have some stored in a place they don’t spend much time, get them out and refresh their choices. They might even show an interest in some that you thought they had grown out of- in which case put them back into circulation. 

Encourage toys with longevity: If you know they spend longer playing with some toys over others, it might be wise to have these to hand during working hours. For instance, toys like Duplo and colouring and reading books might capture their attention for longer than a cuddly toy for instance. 

Get them out in the garden: Fresh air, new sights and sounds and outdoor toys will hold their attention longer than many toys inside. If you are in a position to work from your laptop in the garden, lay out a blanket on the grass next to you with some toys or walk them around it on your break and talk about the things you see as you do. 

Give them a long breakfast and lunch: If you have a slow eater in your little one, this is a way to keep them in one place for a while- as we all know toddlers struggle to stay still! Pop them in their high chair with a variety of foods for their breakfast and lunch and this will keep them entertained as they explore the different textures and tastes.  

Alternate your childcare: If you both take little breaks from work throughout the day to look after them, they won’t get bored of one parent being around all the time. Plus you both bring something different to the table- if one of you likes to read with your toddler, the other might prefer to build blocks, it gives them some variety while you are able to play with them. 

Music: Play some music on your phone or ask Alexa to play something your toddler will like and have a dance around the room with them, not only will this give you both some well needed movement, but it might also tire them out for a nap! 

Television: Ordinarily, you might limit television, however when needs must- you might want to put it on for some background noise while they play. Chances are they will only make passing glances at it while they engage with their toys but it will keep them happy if you need to knuckle down for an hour to do something important.

From one parent to another, I wish you the best of luck in keeping your little one happy during this time!  

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