Moving house is up there as one of the most stressful life events, along with weddings, funerals, divorce and Christmastime. So getting the location and exact house right (so you don’t have to go through it all again soon!) is important.

What makes a house a home?

What makes a house a home?

Four million British families have recently considered moving home for their children’s wellbeing, and some parents in Britain say they will go to extreme lengths to find a location that perfectly suits their family’s needs. Over half would move up to 50 miles for a new home, but one in five would go to the other end of the country at 350+ miles!

Property experts Yopa reveal the happy home formula…

Neighborhood safety

Crime is the number one reason parents are moving house today, closely followed by road safety in Yopa’s recent parent survey. Making sure your children will grow up away from stabbings and gun crime is an obvious one but how do you know where is safe? Always check out when considering an area.

Top class education

The pupils per class ratio, school facilities, and local Ofsted ratings all ranked in the top 10 move motivators. School waiting lists have bad press, and we all want our children to be the best they can be. Collect brochures, speak to current parents on forums, or ask for a touring visit.

Easily accessible

Transport links are important – you’ll still want to be accessible to grandparents or visiting relatives. And there is nothing worse than a four-hour drive home from the airport after a family holiday or work business trip! Be open to new areas. It’s not only the big cities that have the best airports, there are many other decent ones around the UK, including East Midlands, Bristol, or Doncaster. Most have excellent road and rail connections.

Country cottage vs town house?

If money was no object, only a third of us would choose an urban lifestyle - countryside and remote locations are on the up! It’s always worth considering the additional benefits that the fresh air can have to your children’s development.

Job prospects

Almost half of parents (47%) worry about their children’s future job prospects, but you need to think about yourself too. Can you commute from a new location, can you change office, go freelance, or – are you looking for a new job completely? Two in five parents said they would change jobs for a higher paid role to provide a better future for their children. If a new area can create that opportunity and ultimately make the family happier, consider it.

Clean and green

Pollution levels and access to outdoor green space score high in parent’s reasons for moving – nearly 30% aren’t happy with how clean or green their current area is. A family home within a walk of a huge park or a short drive to a National Trust spot for example can be a game changer! Knowing your children are in the great outdoors getting exercise and fresh air will create a peace of mind.

Somewhere new!

We can easily have our heart set on certain areas of the UK because “I’ve always lived in this county,” or “It’s the only place within my budget that meets my needs.” But finding a new home is as much about location as the house itself – be open to new ideas. It can be really fun to explore a new area as a family; picking out your new Sunday brunch spot, a go-to local park, and making new friends in the community.

Where do you find a place that ticks all of these boxes and is within your budget? This where Yopa comes in with its new property and location search tool called the Happy Family Home Guide. Parents can visit, tick what factors are most important to them from the ideas above, plus more, and find a new home location that meets all their individual needs. It might even be below your budget in a town the other side of the country that you have never considered before!

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