Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

1 – Chester Zoo

With more than 11,000 animals and 110 acres in size, Chester Zoo has award-winning enclosures and gardens to discover. Chester Zoo is UK’s top zoo and is perfect for all the family.

With lots to see and do here, Chester Zoo is bound to deliver many laughs and keep you entertained throughout the day. Visit our Fruit Bat Forest and see the bats up close and personal as they fly an inch away from your head, this truly is an experience no to miss out on.

Visit the Asian Plains, where you will see One-horned Rhinoceros living alongside Brow-antlered Deer Black Buck.

And if you prefer the smaller animals, don’t fear as the zoo is packed with all kinds of animals from meerkats, otters, bears and monkeys. Chester zoo has something to please everyone.

2 – Blackpool Zoo

With over 1000 mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates at Blackpool Zoo, here you and your little ones will be able to discover exciting wildlife. And with a Children Farm for your kids to get involved in, this will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get hands on at the Children’s Farm where here you will able to hold a rabbit, brush the hair of a donkey, help a llama to walk, hang with the chickens, see the pigs and milk Daisy, the cows. Step in the barn to see guinea pigs, goats, sheep, geese, ferrets and even a reindeer.

See big cats prowl their habitat and see how big an elephant really is, Blackpool Zoo has it all. This will make a perfect family trip.

3 – Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is the only UK zoo that is home to two Giant Pandas, which has become one of the zoos main tourist attractions. With their cute faces and bubbly personalities, you cannot help but falling in love with these pandas.

But Edinburgh Zoo also has many cute, interesting and sometimes fierce animals living inside its grounds to make this zoo a must-see destination. From hippos, lions, one-horned rhinos, flamingos and sea otters, it seems like there is not an animal that this zoo does not have.

4 - London Zoo

With over 750 different species at London Zoo, there are plenty of things to do and see here. Visit the aquarium where you can see large and exotic fish such as catfish, tambaqui and seahorses. You will also be able to see big cats, giraffes, hunting dogs and reindeers, as well as numerous other interesting animals to keep you busy on your trip,

London Zoo is a must see zoo for all Britain’s and once you’ve been here once, you’ll want to keep on coming back.