Your Tarot Horoscopes for June 2020 Courtesy of Tarot London 

Tarot Horoscope

Tarot Horoscope

Aries - Ace Of Pentacles:

A brand new financial opportunity is on it's way to you! Keep your eyes open for this opportunity as it will have far-reaching implications.

Taurus - 10 Of wands:

You are getting close to burn out! You are feeling overburdened and cannot take any more on right now. Learn to start saying no and conserve the little energy you have!

Gemini - 6 of cups:

An ex could re-enter your life. Just remember you left them behind for a reason and this leopard has not changed their spots!

Cancer - King Of Swords:

We have romance coming your way with an air sign! This person will be highly intelligent, cool and aloof and keep you intrigued!

Leo - The Emperor:

You may have been crying out for stability, well you can expect that with this card! Your job, relationships and family life should become more stable, no more wobbles here!

Virgo - The Hanged Man:

It's time to let this person/situation go. Nothing good is going to come fo it. You have outgrown your current circumstances. Don't feel sad, just know better things are on their way to you.

Libra -  Judgement:

It's here! This card signifies judgement for your past actions. Whether good or bad, this card symbolises the chance to be 'born again' and live in a way that is kinder to all.

Scorpio -  Knight of Pentacles:

Put your head down and keep working hard! Your career should be your main focus this month. All the hard work you put in now WILL lead to success! 

Sagittarius - Ace Of Cups:

A new romance is here for the taking! The feelings will be mutual and the cup will literally be overflowing with love! A relationship is here for the offering! If in a relationship, expect romance and to be wined and dined!

Capricorn - 9 Of Wands:

I know how exhausted you are! Wil this battle EVER end? Yes! It will! Keep pushing through as success is not too far away! You will not be stuck in the mire for long.

Aquarius - 2 Of Pentacles:

Balance is needed here! You are juggling too many balls and it could all come crashing down if you are nit careful in the form of burnout. Pass some of the load onto others! 

Pisces - The Chariot:

Keep charging ahead and don't take no for an answer! You have made your mind up and NOTHING can stand in your way!

By Sian Day