The upcoming Halloween full blue moon is as exciting as it is unpredictable. So, what is rare about this one, first up it's the second full moon in October, making it a blue moon and blasting the month with a hyper surge of full moon energy. Add into the mix it being a Halloween full moon on a Saturday night, when the spirits are likely to be active, a Mercury retrograde period, all making it enough in itself, but it doesn’t stop at there, we also have that pandemic hovering around in the background. Unsurprisingly the stage is set for a powerful lunation that'll bring all of us some surprises but in the case of these four signs - they need to take extra heed as the Halloween full blue moon will affect them the most.



 This full blue moon is rising in the realms Taurus, the sensual energy of which will bring matters of love, money, and pleasure to a spectacular climax — especially for the four fixed zodiac signs of the bunch. Take a look of whatever you've been working on in these areas and use the lunar energy to push them forward and to closure. You also need to take into consideration it’s unlikely to be a smooth passage with Uranus, the planet of sudden change to having an effect as it forms a strong  astrological influence  on both the sun and the full moon, so anything can happen, don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly changing your minds about something or having a change of heart.

Halloween weekend brings a lunar rollercoaster for everyone, so we all need to be aware, but these four zodiac signs will be most affected by the second October 2020 full moon, so they need to be extra thoughtful.


As all Taurus will be aware the full moon is rising in your sign, and things are going to feel extra intense, deeply personal and emotionally challenging and you will find yourself re-examining in detail your inner feelings or relationships, and personal goals. If possible, try to step back from the drama while going through this process. You could find your feelings changing in an instance during this luminary, which may feel alien to your normally steady and practical earth Taurus sign approach.  This may be the time to take a ‘whatever’ approach and see where it leads after all this you may like where you end up.


Leo’s are sat right in the middle of the storm of Mercury retrograde so with an intense full moon shining a bright light on your work segment in your chart, it's a good time for your career.  It is also an opportunity to rethink your professional ambitions it could also be suggesting you reconsider career path. During this Lunar cycle you will find work is changing at a fast pace so be open to any new opportunities, so peer around the corner you may like what you find. The key is complete what you are currently on with but don't miss a chance to try something new.


Scorpio’s need to press the stop button during this full moon and let the light shine on your romantic partnerships instead. Now is the time you are making it work with your partner or ‘want to be’ lover. You under this lunar spotlight you can see the things that are and aren't working within your romantic aspirations , so grab the moment of clarity and focus on taking action and building deeper, more authentic connections with the ones that you love.


Aquarius are being asked to step out of their comfort zone during this lunation, although naturally open minded this time with all the astral unpredictability it’s being deeply personal. What you are now is constantly changing as you evolve now is the time to embrace transformation, let go and don't be held back by past dramas and fears. Open up to more vulnerable experiences and keep faith that your heart will remain safe.

If you are one of these signs read and be ready