Britain's Duchess of Cornwall came face to face with a "whopper" lobster.

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

The 68-year-old royal is currently touring the West Country with her husband, the Prince of Wales, and got up close and personal to the crustacean on the Isles of Scilly.

During a tour of the fair in Hugh Town, she was handed the lobster, where she remarked: "Look at that - she's a whopper."

The lobster is part of the Isles of Scilly Lobster and Crawfish Tagging Project, which aims to monitor numbers of the crustacean in the wild, the Daily Express newspaper reports.

Speaking to the project's organisers, Prince Charles said: "It's fantastic and really good to see that you are having such success with the project."

Meanwhile, during their visit to a pub on a previous day, the Prince - who is first in line to the throne - "pulled quite a competent beer", according to the landlord.

Suzanne Waring, who met up with the royals during their trip, said: "I think it's rather lovely for a member of the Royal family to come to one of the centre spots of the village; it's where you live your life it's not a grand home or a Duchy farm."