Britain's Duchess of Cornwall was moved to tears when she spoke with the mother of a domestic abuse victim.

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

The 68-year-old royal met with Diana Parkes, the mother of the late Joanna Brown, who was killed by her estranged husband Robert Brown, at an event she attended at the London-based headquarters of domestic abuse charity SafeLives.

Speaking to guests at the event, Duchess Camilla said: "It's so important that people like yourselves speak up otherwise we gloss over it. And this is too important an issue to ignore. Stories like this just have to be aired otherwise domestic abuse becomes a taboo subject.

"I want to do anything I can to help raise this issue. All of you going around and talking about it does create awareness."

Throughout the day, attendees heard from victims of domestic abuse including Rachel Williams, who was shot by her estranged husband when she tried to leave him following nearly two decades of abuse.

Of her terrible experience, which happened in 2011, she said: "He put the gun down to reload. I grabbed the gun, a supernatural strength enabled me to hold onto the gun. This watch with the face now frosted is the result of a battle as we fought for control of the gun, as my wrist was dragged in every direction over the floor."