Britain's Duchess of Cornwall returned to her old school yesterday (23.02.16).

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall

The 68-year-old royal - who is married to the Prince of Wales - attended an assembly at her former school, Queen's Gate School in South Kensington, London, to mark its 125th anniversary.

Speaking to pupils at the school, she said: "I cannot believe that Queen's Gate has been going for 125 years; I feel like it's 125 years since I was here. I wish I could say I was a head girl, or even a prefect or captain of games - I was none of those, I might have been in the swimming team.

"But I do remember I was a boarder here, which I hear now is abolished. I was a weekly boarder and lived right at the top of the school, quite cold, I think we were always made to have the windows open - fresh air."

And Duchess Camilla also spoke to students about the "university of life," revealing her and her friends went travelling instead of university.

She added: "I did leave when I was 16, I didn't go on to the sixth form. I think in those days we weren't encouraged to go to university. I think the very, very clever girls went on but nobody seemed to give us much inspiration to go on.

"So we went off and explored the university of life, and Paris and Florence and London."