Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall posed for a selfie on her admirer's knee.

The 67-year-old royal - who is married to the heir apparent, Prince Charles - was more than happy to pose for the photo with Anthony Laing, who was eager to recreate a photo of the Duchess sitting on a chivalrous captain's knee as they walked in the Scottish Highlands in 2011.

Anthony - who is the managing director of Shortbread House of Edinburgh - and his son, Rupert were determined to recreate the picture as the Duchess visited their company's factory on Tuesday(22.07.14), reports

Rupert, 27, said: "Three years ago I set up a charity called DecAid, which raised £134,000 for military charities. The Duchess was patron of the appeal, and she came to visit us when we were climbing all 263 mountains higher than 3,000ft in Scotland.

"Because we were in the middle of nowhere (Capt.) Ceri Green offered the Duchess his knee to sit on, and my father really loved the picture, so when the Duchess came to visit he was determined to get one for himself.

"He was a little bit nervous about asking. "

However, Anthony had no reason to be nervous as the Duchess of Cornwall happily recalled the previous photograph and sat down on his knee to recreate the shot.

Rupert said: "I asked her if she would do it again for my father. She laughed and said she would. She remembered the previous occasion straight away.

"My father is a very happy man, and I think the picture will become something of a family heirloom in years to come."