Britain's Prince Charles is "concerned" about the future of the RSPCA's royal patronage.

Britain's Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles

The 67-year-old royal is reportedly worried about how the royal link to the animal charity will carry on because of their stance on countryside sports.

A source told the Daily Telegraph: "Prince Charles has privately voiced his concerns about the RSPCA. He has taken a close interest in the RSPCA and what has been happening there. He wants it to be an effective animal welfare organisation but it has become something else. It would be interesting to see how he could be a patron of an organisation with which he has had fundamental disagreements.

"Charles and Camilla are very supportive of hunting and shooting; so too are Princes William and Harry. They would have to take the view the RSPCA has moved on from its position two years ago. A lot will now depend on who becomes chief executive. That has to be critical in whether Prince Charles can ever take over the patronage."

Meanwhile, the organisation's chief executive Tim Bonner understands whoever takes on patronage, whether they are royal or not, would have to have similar beliefs to the charity.

He said: "Anyone considering taking on the patronage of the RSPCA would have to consider its future direction and whether it is going to continue down a radical campaign path.

"If it reverts to its traditional role as a welfare charity protecting animals I am sure nobody could have any reason not to support its work."