Britain's Prince Charles spoke of the beauty of Croatia as he addressed guests at a dinner hosted by The President of Croatia.

Britain's Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles

The 67-year-old royal and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, were invited to a formal dinner ahead of their five-day tour of the Western Balkans.

Speaking at the event, he said: "Madam President, I am enormously grateful to you for your very kind words on such a special occasion and I'm so grateful to you for arranging such a special dinner this evening.

"The last two times I have visited Croatia the country was at war and just recovering from war. This afternoon I have seen something of Zagreb and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see how this beautiful city has been so sensitively restored. There could be no better illustration of the extraordinary progress you have made in the past twenty years against so many difficult challenges."

The Prince of Wales also expressed his excitement for the rest of their tour as he offered their host "continuing peace and prosperity" for her country.

He added: "Tomorrow my wife and I greatly look forward to visiting Osijek. I will have the opportunity to meet religious and community leaders and to learn about how they are working together following the peaceful reintegration of Eastern Slavonia into Croatia.

"Croatia has made so much of the opportunities that peace has given. So, Madam President, may I just take this opportunity to congratulate Croatia on its achievements and may I wish you all continuing peace and prosperity. As well as wishing that the relations between our two countries go on from strength to strength in the years ahead, as I'm sure they will."