Britain's Prince Charles "pulled quite a competent beer" at a West Country pub.

Britain's Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles

The 66-year-old royal visited the Tintagel Brewery in Cornwall, England and was a natural at serving a pint of Cornwall Pride, according to the pub's landlord.

And local residents lined the streets to see the Duke arrive with the Duchess of Cornwall, with one saying, "It's not often the future King of England comes to your local pub."

During his visit, he also met up with locals Suzanne Warring and Tina Clements.

Suzanne told the West Briton newspaper: "I think it's rather lovely for a member of the Royal family to come to one of the centre spots of the village; it's where you live your life it's not a grand home or a Duchy farm."

Charles also visited a pub's library service, which was supported by the Pub is the Hub non-profit organisation, of which he is a patron.

John Longden OBE, chief executive of Pub is the Hub added: "Whenever he has a royal visit he always tries to include a visit to the Pub is the Hub scheme.

"This time we thought it would be nice to invite four of five of the licensees from the local area to show what they offer."