Britain's Queen Elizabeth is a "very good mimic".

Britain's Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Queen Elizabeth

The 89-year-old royal can master the Norfolk and Aberdeenshire accent "beautifully", according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes.

When asked if the Queen still has fun, Margaret told BBC Radio 4: "Oh she does. And she's a very, very good mimic. She can do the Norfolk and Scottish - Aberdeenshire -accents beautifully and often pretends to be a keeper or somebody or other of them. Like all her family, they rejoice in anything that goes wrong."

Meanwhile, Margaret previously shared a story from her childhood growing up with the Queen and praised Her Majesty for being a "very humble person with no huge opinion of herself".

She added: "I can remember one occasion, I had to pick up and carry the Queen over the threshold ... and of course I dropped her. She was very much an ordinary little girl, but she was always a slightly serious little girl as opposed to her younger sister who was always a very naughty little girl.

"In herself she is a very humble person, she has no huge opinion of herself, but has given up her life to that particular job that she was called to."

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