Britain's Queen Elizabeth made a surprise visit to a horse whispering demonstration.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Queen Elizabeth

Monty Roberts - who is known for his ability to tame wild horses - was appearing at Buckingham Palace's Royal Mews for the event, in support of equine welfare charity The Brooke.

The 89-year-old royal was also joined by the Duchess of Cornwall, with both wrapping up in winter coats.

Speaking about his first meeting with the Queen, Monty told the Daily Mail newspaper: "She sent a man over to California - I thought it was a joke - they brought me to Windsor Castle in April of 1989. Her Majesty had 23 horses ready for me to work with and it was one week with Her Majesty there every day, when it was only supposed to be one hour.

"She said there had to be a book and she sent me to 21 cities in 30 days because she wanted this message out there. Every year, two, three, four times a year that we get together, we discuss what's happened, we discuss what we want to do.

"If she hadn't pushed me, I'd be a cowboy in California doing parochial stuff."