Duchess of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall avoided repeating an awkward encounter with a goat yesterday (20.10.14) by keeping her distance from the animals.

The 67-year-old royal came face-to-face with the farm animals at the National Harvest Service in Birmingham, West Midlands, but she deliberately stood away from the beasts before checking they were "subdued" after she was forced to wrestle her bag back from one in May 2006.

On this occasion, Camilla handed her bag to a minder to look after while she got a closer look at the goats and she was "amazed" just how quiet the animals were - a contrast to the cheeky four-legged friend who had a nibble of her handbag during a visit to a creamery in Northern Ireland eight years ago.

Farmer Richard Craddock Mr Craddock, manager of Hatton Adventure World, is quoted by MailOnline as saying: "Camilla seemed very comfortable with the animals.

"She said to me 'the goats are very quiet' and seemed quite pleased they were subdued.

"She seemed amazed how quiet they were and even tried to feed one some straw but it didn't seem that interested."

After avoiding the awkward encounter, the duchess was presented with harvest boxes - which came complete with an array of home-grown produce - from 360 children at the National Harvest Service at St Philip's Cathedral in Birmingham.