Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has opened up a pub named in her honour.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

The 69-year-old royal marked the occasion at the Duchess of Cornwall establishment in Poundbury, Dorset, south west England, - which was built in 1993 on landing owned by Prince Charles' estate, the Duchy of Cornwall - by pulling a pint of The Duchess.

A toast was made to the "Duchesses", and Camilla said: "God bless all who drink in her."

Charles accompanied Camilla to the pub and was one of the first people to try the 5.5 per cent real ale.

Beforehand, Mark Woodhouse, chairman of brewery and pub firm Hall & Woodhouse, said: "I would like to ask the duchess to open the building by pulling a pint of Duchess - this is a special brew that we have brewed for the occasion, it's 5.5 per cent in alcohol and I can tell you it's unctuous.

"It will then be a case of the duchess pulling a pint of Duchess to open the Duchess."

He admitted seeing Camilla pull the pint to open the pub named after her was one of his proudest moments.

He said: "My family have been keeping inns and brewing Badger beer for 240 years nearly but there can be fewer prouder moments than the opening of this public house."