The Prince of Wales was told off for not bringing his football boots on a visit to a local club in Northern Ireland.

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales

Prince Charles was in County Tyrone and visited the village of Caledon where he met local community groups, including football league side Caledon Rovers. And it was during that particular visit that he met the side’s chairman Kevin O’Connor. And Kevin was clearly unimpressed that the 72-year-old royal hadn’t brought the right equipment to be able to show off his soccer skills.

Upon realising Charles had no appropriate footwear, Kevin jokingly informed the prince he’d be telling his mum, Queen Elizabeth.

He said: “I’ll have to write a letter to your mother telling her you didn't bring them.” To which Charles hit back by jokingly accusing Kevin of hypocrisy after realising he wasn’t wearing football boots either.

Quick as a flash, the monarch replied: “I see you haven't got yours on either!”

The trip to Caledon was the final leg of the couple’s two-day royal visit before Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall headed back to England.

Yesterday (18/5/21) the royal couple attended Belfast City Hall, before speaking about youth services at the Education Authority’s headquarters.

Charles referred to the “risk” and “cost” of “holding on to peaceful ways” in the region.

He said: "We must never underestimate the risk, and the cost, of holding to peaceful ways, and how much determination and, actually, courage is necessary. When I visit this part of the world, I never cease to be profoundly moved by the work that is being done to heal the pain of the past, to bring understanding and reconciliation in the present and to build hope for the future."