Britain's Duchess of Cornwall met a squealing piglet while visiting an urban farm.

Duchess Camilla

Duchess Camilla

The 67-year-old royal visited the Jamie's Farm charity's new project located near London's Waterloo Station to hear about the work the organisation, for which she is a patron, do with vulnerable children who are struggling in or are in trouble at school.

Duchess Camilla met with children from local schools who have been working on the farm and was showed around a herb garden, where pupils have been growing mint, basil, parsley, thyme and oregano.

She said: "This looks wonderful. Are any of you into food or cooking and will you try to use this?"

The Duchess of Cornwall - who is married to Prince Charles, 66 - was then introduced to the farm's animals and was thrilled to meet one of the 12 piglets despite it squealing to be returned to its mother after it was lifted out of it's sty.

According to the Daily Express newspaper, she told a young boy: "The nice thing about animals is that you can just come down and work and talk to them when things get too much - although probably not this on as it's a bit noisy."