The Duchess of Sussex’s first boyfriend says he always knew she was destined for greatness- from the moment the “strong, confident young person” approached him to say she thought he was “attractive”.

Duchess of Sussex

Duchess of Sussex

Joshua Silverstein appeared on UK TV show ‘Lorraine’ on Tuesday (18.05.21) when he spoke about his ex in glowing terms, saying Duchess Meghan always had a “very clear idea of where she wanted her path to take her."

Joshua was speaking from the US via video link when show host Lorraine Kelly said: "You always knew Meghan was going to do great things, even when she was 13?"

To which Joshua replied: "I did, Meghan was always a very strong, confident young person, it was clear to me at the time we were together that she had a very clear idea of where she wanted her path to take her."

He then went on to talk about how he and Duchess Meghan got together, saying he found it “very attractive” that she was confident enough to approach him.

Speaking about how they started dating , he explained: "As she told it, she approached me, so I think that in itself was very attractive, that a young person would have the confidence and gumption to walk up to me and tell me she thought I was attractive. At the time, it was what kids did, she told her friends she liked me, I told her friends I liked her, and our friends met and they arranged it, and we became boyfriend and girlfriend."

Duchess Meghan - who was previously known as Meghan Markle - has spoken before about having her first kiss with Joshua at summer camp. During an interview with US chat show host Larry King in 2013, she was asked about her first kiss.

To which she replied: “Joshua Silverstein. I was 13, it was a summer camp and I kissed him!”