The former President of the United States George W. Bush's daughter Jenna Bush says she was "serious" when she tried to set Britain's Prince Harry up on a date with her twin sister.

Britain's Prince Harry

Britain's Prince Harry

Jenna Bush Hager offered to give the flame-haired royal, 31, her sibling Barbara's number while she was interviewing him for 'NBC News' so they can set up a date and now explained that her own parents Laura and George were "set up on a blind date".

She told PEOPLE: "You know, my parents were set up on a blind date so if I could set my sister up ... And Prince Harry's a great guy. I mean, the work that he does with the Invictus Games is so important."

During the interview, she said to Prince Harry: "Does it make you laugh people are already asking about children? It's sort of jumping ahead?"

To which he replied: "I don't even have a girlfriend."

Seizing the opportunity, the 34-year-old news correspondent joked: "You know what, I have a single sister and she feels the same way. Listen, she's available."

Falling into a fit of giggles, Harry said "We can talk off air" and Jenna quipped "Okay, I'll give you her number".

Jenna admitted afterwards she couldn't resist throwing her sister "under the bus" but acknowledged Barbara felt "humiliated".

She said: "I couldn't help, when he said he was single, to throw my sister under the bus - just like sisters do. Frankly, I think that I was doing her a favour ... She was humiliated. But I think she also got a kick out of it. It was a joke because I don't think it's really going to become this match made in heaven. But if it does... I will be happy."

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