Britain's Queen Elizabeth II "will be flabbergasted" at the outpour of well wishes on her 90th birthday today (21.04.16).

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

The monarch is celebrating the milestone in Windsor where huge crowds have camped out overnight to greet the royal and sing her "happy birthday".

Asked what emotions Her Majesty will be feeling on the day, former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "On her birthday itself she'd like to go riding her horse but she knows people do want to pay tribute to her so she will be on display... and she will be flabbergasted by how many people turn out and cheer her, so I think she would feel quite humble by it."

The crowds and world's media will follow Queen Elizabeth II, who will be joined by her husband Prince Philip, during her royal engagements which include the couple officially opening The Queen's Walkway, a 6.3km self-guided walking trail connecting 63 points of significance in the town of Windsor.

Speaking about the public's need for "big celebrations" around the Queen's milestones, Jennie added: "It's important for the future of the Monarchy that we have these outpourings of joy about the Royal family because it keeps them up there. I don't think she's one for grand celebrations - all these things are planned around her and she'll say 'Yay or Ney'. The Golden Jubilee and Diamond jubilee - I think big celebrations are needed - I think it would be a bit of a disappointment and we the public would feel let down if she was having a tea party in Sandringham."

But the royal insider insists the monarch accepts her responsibilities with a "great smile" and "incredible stamina".

Jennie said: "She's got great complexion, great smile, incredible stamina, and so does the Duke - who's going to be 95 in June while all these celebrations are going on. He doesn't really do birthdays - if she threw him a party she would probably get into trouble because he wears the trousers at home."

The author and journalist has narrated a new audio book entitled 'Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch', which is available free with a 30-day trial at and revealed Queen Elizabeth II will begin her birthday like any other, by eating a bowl of "cornflakes".

However, she'll be joined by other members of her family, including her grandchildren Prince George, two, and 11-month-old Princess Charlotte, during her "private" birthday engagements and will be given a choice of outfits to wear by her personal stylist.

She explained: "The piper will pipe her awake at 9am, her ladies in waiting will bring her early morning tea, she'll sit down get her cornflakes and have breakfast with Philip and I think they will try give her the day off from her official papers - they try and give her two days off and if she can she might go for a quick rise.

I think George and Charlotte will be invited to some of the private engagements, I doubt they'll be taken to any of the official ones, Catherine said 'George is just too naughty to be taken' so I should think the kids will be at home.

What normally happens, Angela Kelly - her stylist/dresser - lays out two or three options and she'll choose. And it will be weather dependent. Wouldn't it be nice to get up and go into another room and find your possible outfits all ready - wouldn't that be lovely instead of ferreting around in the back of a dark wardrobe thinking 'Oh s**t what am I going to wear today?' It's the secret to looking young like the Queen."

Meanwhile, Jennie says the elderly royal - who is Britain's longest ruling monarch - won't accept huge "gifts" or "grand gestures, but revealed her granddaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, fretted over what to get her.

She said: "From the family there will be gifts - but what do you buy someone who has everything she wants? Kate said she wondered what on earth she could give the Queen for her first Christmas present. Something handmade and in that case it was jam or chutney, so something that's got some thought or personal effort has gone into it, unless it's a bit of a jokey thing like a cushion saying 'I love being Queen' - I don't think there will be any massively grand gestures."

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