The late Princess Diana reportedly wore her wedding rings even after her split from the Prince of Wales.

The late Princess Diana

The late Princess Diana

The blonde royal - who tragically died in 1997 - broke up with Prince Charles in 1991, and it is believed Diana still wore her eternity ring, engagement and wedding ring even after the couple went their separate ways, the Mail Online has reported.

Charles - who has sons Prince William, 35, and Prince Harry, 32, with his late wife - gifted Diana a diamond eternity ring during their first four weeks of dating, which came prior to his proposal 12 months later.

And when the 68-year-old royal got down on one knee to propose to Diana he presented a 12-carat sapphire ring, which cost a whopping £110,000, but was valued for an additional £140,000.

However, the accessory broke with royal traditions because it was custom made, which is not usually done with other proposals.

And it is believed Diana kept her rings on when she made her first public appearance to Eton College with her family following her and Charles Divorce in 1996.

But shortly after the visit it has been reported Diana shed her hands of the significant rings, as she was pictured wearing a Versace dress but without her rings.

Meanwhile, Diana has admitted she had only met Charles 13 times before their wedding day and claimed he was all over her "like a bad rash" when they met for a second time, but he wasn't always keen to see her.

She previously said in pre-recorded tapes, said: "He would ring me up every day and then not contact me for weeks, he wasn't very consistent in his courtship.

"Once every three weeks, and then it fizzled out about seven years ago, six years ago."

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