A friend of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has praised her as an "incredible friend and mother" after the royal supported her following the death of her son.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex praised as 'incredible friend and mother'

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex praised as 'incredible friend and mother'

Model Kelly McKee Zajfen lost her nine-year-old son George unexpectedly last year and Meghan contributed to a GoFundMe for the family by donating in the names of her son Archie and daughter Lilibet.

Kelly took to Instagram to praise Meghan, 41, writing: "As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think of my own #commUNITY of Motherhood.

"I instantly think of you Meg. How incredibly nurturing and warm and open you are. What an incredible friend and mother.

"I'm truly in awe of you and I am so grateful you are part of my #CommUNITYofmotherhood.

"You are always the first to say yes and support those you love. You are a fierce advocate for those who are in need.

"Thank you for joining this year's campaign to support LA's expectant and parenting foster youth, which helps provide critical services, education, resources and advocacy so they can build a better future for themselves and their families."

Kelly - who is the co-founder of Alliance of Moms, an LA community of philanthropists who support pregnant and parenting teens in LA's foster care system and also runs an eco-conscious children's clothing brand - shared a picture of herself and Meghan wearing t-shirts which read 'Community, motherhood.'

Speaking previously about George's death, Kelly shared on Instagram: "My nine-year-old son (twin brother to Lily) died unexpectedly. One day he was bouncing and full of life and the next day he was sick and within hours he was gone."

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