Prince Harry reassured a group of bereaved children that it is "okay to be sad".

Prince Harry made a surprised visit to bereaved young people

Prince Harry made a surprised visit to bereaved young people

The Duke of Sussex - who was just 12 when his mother Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997 - made a surprise visit at an event run by Scotty's Little Soldiers during his surprise visit to London earlier this week, where he played games such as edible races, flipper challenge and bucket head, as well as sitting down to chat with the 50 young people, who were aged between six and 22 and have experienced the death of a military parent.

Joshua Kirkham - who was six years old when his dad Lance Corporal Christopher Bradshaw died in a road collision in 2011 - told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “The standout moment in our conversation with Prince Harry was around coping mechanisms for bereavement.

“We discussed being proud of the family member we’ve lost, celebrating their life, and understanding that it’s okay to be sad, to grieve, and to seek support in whatever way feels right.”

Georgia Paterson felt "more connected" to her dad - who took his own life in 2016 - by speaking to Harry.

The 16 year old said: “Prince Harry was the best person to share that experience with because he’s been through it and understands better than anyone. It was really moving to see how vulnerable he was with us, which encouraged us to open up as well.

“It felt really connecting because when your parent served, they served for the country, and one of the most important things for the country is the Royal family. Speaking with someone who is part of that made me feel more connected to my Dad. It was amazing to be connected to him in that moment.”

Harry is global ambassador for the charity and said it was "an honour" to meet with the group.

He said: “It was an honour to meet so many of the wonderful families Scotty’s Little Soldiers supports.

“I have long believed in the mission of this charity, and I truly believe the work they do to foster community and create space for young people to connect, grieve, but also have fun together is life-changing.

“I am a huge supporter of their work and very proud to be their first global ambassador.”

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