Piers Morgan has slammed Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as "malevolent".

Piers Morgan slams Duchess Meghan as 'malevolent'

Piers Morgan slams Duchess Meghan as 'malevolent'

The 57-year-old broadcaster - who knew Meghan before she tied the knot with Prince Harry - has claimed that Meghan, 41, is "systematically trying to damage the Royal Family and the monarchy".

Denying he has an "unhinged obsession" with Meghan, he told the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine: "I think that's such a naive way of looking at it. She's deliberately made herself, along with Harry, a big story for the last few years. My job, on the morning show when I was there, and in my newspaper columns, is to comment on the news.

"I haven't written about them any more than other columnists. It's just because people know that I knew her before she met Harry. They know she never spoke to me again the moment she met him, which I just thought was quite rude and weird. I can't pretend it hasn't formed my view about what her character's like.

"I've tried to be fair but it's very hard in her case. At her core, you've got somebody who is quite malevolent, who is systematically trying to damage the Royal Family and the monarchy."

And Piers also hit out at Prince Harry, 38, who, along with Meghan, stepped down as a senior royal in 2020 to move to California.

He said: "As someone who was brought up as a fierce royalist I find it offensive and it has to be stopped. So if I have a platform, I'm going to use it because it's damaging. And I think Harry's basically the same.

"The pair of them have whipped themselves into this frenzy of victimhood, which is manifesting itself as constant attacks."