Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles "freaked out" when magician Dynamo appeared to break his hand performing a magic trick yesterday (20.06.13).

The Prince of Wales hosted a reception for ambassadors of his Prince's Trust charity, which attracted a host of big names, including the TV illusionist, who shared a gruesome trick with the royal.

Dynamo told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I freaked him out a little bit. He was covering his face because he was so frightened. I twisted my hand and my fingers in ways that are not humanly possible."

The prince was also joined by music star, TV personality Carol Vorderman and actress Naomie Harris - who stars in Charles' favourite film, James Bond adventure 'Skyfall'.

Naomi said: "He really enjoyed it. He said it's one of his favourites and he thought that it was one of the best he's seen. He thinks it's largely because of having Sam [Mendes] at the helm directing. He thinks it's all about having a great director.

"I said 'Thank you very much'. It's quite a compliment so I was very pleased to hear that."

The event - which was held at Clarence House in London - was in honour of the royal's youth charity creating 100 new job ambassador roles for youths in the UK.