Britain's Prince Charles almost fell over when an eagle flapped in his face.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall looked in shock as a Bald Eagle at Sandringham Flower Show in Norfolk, England flapped its wings almost causing Charles to stumble over, on Thursday (29.07.15).

The bird named Zephyr - who is the mascot of the 677 Squadron Army Air Corps - spread her wings to their full length and almost caused an accident.

Just before she opened her wings, Prince Charles was asked if he would like to stroke Zephyr, to which he responded "you must be joking"

The Mail Online reported, that he said: "You must be joking. "She would probably take off with me!"

The royal couple were also given several gifts by members of the public for their grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Asked why Princess Charlotte didn't attend the flower show, Prince Charles told Linda and Sue Boughen and Diane Winters, from Wisbech, that it wouldn't be good for her routine.

Linda said: "He reminded us that babies have to have their rest and regular feeds. He had a real laugh with us and Camilla came over to find out what we were saying."

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