Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles has paid tribute to victims of a Welsh mining disaster in 1913.

The Prince of Wales was joined by the Duchess of Cornwall yesterday (03.07.14) as they laid wreaths at the Welsh National Miners Memorial in Senghenydd, in the Aber Valley, south-east Wales and met relatives of the victims.

The disaster claimed the lives of 439 miners and one rescuer after an underground explosion ripped through the village's colliery over a century ago.

The 65-year-old royal - who is the heir apparent to the throne - were greeted at the site by the patron of the village's heritage committee, Roy Noble, while a choir sang the traditional welsh song 'Senghenydd'.

Prince Charles said: "My wife and I have so enjoyed this opportunity to meet you all and if I may say so to have a chance to pay our respects at the memorial.

"I think we owe such an enormous debt of gratitude, respect and appreciation to those people - so many from the same families - who went underground and were courageous and determined enough to do so.

"Both of us are enormously proud to have this opportunity to be here."