Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles was unimpressed with a cross-dressing comedian's impersonation of Queen Elizabeth.

The 65-year-old royal and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall have been caught on camera looking thoroughly disturbed by funnyman Wade Lynch's spoof of his mother during an event in Charlottetown on Canada's Prince Edward Island on Monday night (19.05.14).

The couple visibly struggled to conceal their anger as the joker told the crowd: "There are two members of our audience that call me by quite another name and that is of course "Mummy." Hello kids. Surprise."

The stern-faced pair barely managed to muster up some half-hearted applause following the act, which was cut in half due to "time constraints", according to Wade.

The comedian has now apologised for his tongue-in-cheek performance, which was branded "tasteless" and "shameful" by the public, explaining he was initially reluctant when he was approached by Tourism P.E.I. to entertain the royals during their visit to the Commonwealth country.

Wade told Canada's Guardian newspaper: "I said yes to the idea with trepidation. My concern was it sounds first blush, it sounded like a bad idea. I understood it was no surprise at all...that they (Charles and Camilla) were in on the joke.

"I produced a script many weeks ago that went through many filters. If the actual Royal family was offended, I am really sorry because that was never the intention."