Prince Charles wants to visit every Prince of Wales pub in the country.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The 72-year-old heir to the throne was joined by his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, as he visited the Prince of Wales in Clapham, London and he thinks it would be "rather fun" to visit each of the UK's 158 pubs which carry his moniker, particularly if he was able to get a drink on the house every time.

After attempting to sip a beer through a face mask, the prince told landlord Dermot Connell he "always thought it would be rather fun" to go to every Prince of Wales pub.

He added: "Hopefully I’d get a free drink in each one!"

Charles also temporarily took on the role of a barman, and while pouring a pint he turned to Camilla and said: "I think that's probably enough. Would you say keep going?"

The afternoon provided an unexpected sombre moment for the royal as he was reminded of his late father the Duke of Edinburgh, when it turned out the pub had a Toby Jug with Prince Philip’s image on it, something the landlord said he hadn't realised was in his collection.

He did however appreciate Charles dropping in for a pint and hoped it would have an impact on others and help them to feel safe about venturing out to pubs once again.

He said: "[It's so exciting having] The Prince of Wales coming to the Prince of Wales. It’s good that he’s getting out and about and showing people it’s now safe again to be in the pubs."

To celebrate the re-opening of the economy now lockdown is easing, the royal couple also paid a visit to a barbers as well as a Michelin-starred restaurant in south London.