Britain's Prince Harry says his two deployments to Afghanistan changed his life.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 31-year-old royal was visiting the US on Wednesday (28.10.15) to promote the Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style event for wounded soldiers, set to take place in Orlando, Florida in May 2016, when he talked about the positives about being in the Armed Forces.

Harry joined First Lady Michelle Obama at a basketball game played by wounded servicemen and women at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and made a moving speech.

He said: "I joined the Army in 2005. It was a time when service men and women and their families, both in the US and the UK, were making sacrifices for their countries that had not been experienced for generations.

"I am in no doubt that Afghanistan changed the direction of my life. There is very little that can truly prepare you for the reality of war.

The experiences can be stark and long lasting."

Harry also spoke about what inspired him to start campaigning for injured veterans.

He said: "Returning to the UK after my first deployment, I shared the flight home with three critically injured British soldiers, all in induced comas, and the body of a Danish soldier, killed in action.

"It hit me then that this flight was one of many, carrying home men and women whose lives would be changed forever, and some who had made the ultimate sacrifice. From that moment, I knew I had a responsibility to help all veterans."