Britain's Prince Harry is a "beacon of hope" for war veterans.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 30-year-old royal promised to join a group of six wounded veterans making a thousand mile walk in the inaugural Walk of Britain, which kicked off on Saturday (22.08.15) in Scotland.

Kirstie Ennis, 24, suffered multiple injuries in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and is one of two U.S. Marines on the trek to Buckingham Palace.

She hailed the prince a compassionate "leader" who has supported their cause from the beginning.

She said: "There needs to be more leaders like him. When you are wounded, you fall off the grid, so to speak, and it's hard to be able to reach out, especially to people in power.

"For him to be willing to be the face - and a beacon of hope - for wounded warriors and lead the fight to get the wounded the care they need, is so supportive.

"He is laidback in the sense that he wants you to feel comfortable, but he's compassionate. You can tell what he is doing is because of having a good heart. There is no ulterior motive."

Meanwhile Ben Lement, 32, fought in the Marine Corps and hopes that the prince - who served two tours in Afghanistan - will encourage more people to help the cause.

He said: "The more people who care about these causes, the more people will come forward to help. We have a huge bond with him because he understands what it means to serve."

The group have passed Loch Ness and will take on Ben Nevis today (24.08.15).

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