Britain's Prince Harry joined Coldplay on stage at their Sentebale charity gig on Tuesday (28.06.16).

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 31-year-old royal invited the band to perform at Kensington Palace in aid of his Lesotho charity and took to the stage during the finale to thank the crowd, the choir who had travelled over from Lesotho and the band.

After hugging frontman Chris Martin, he said: "Thank you for standing out in the rain, thank you to the choir that has come all the way from Lesotho. Please drive home safely and carry the work of Sentebale. And thank you to Coldplay - thank you so much, you've rocked the palace, you've rocked the palace!"

Harry stayed on stage for the performance of 'Up & Up' but didn't take a microphone to join in with the singing.

Earlier, Harry welcomed the crowd to the grounds of Kensington Palace, where he has an apartment, and said: "Tonight you've been learning a little bit about Lesotho, a beautiful mountain kingdom I first travelled to when I was 19.

"What I saw there was a country with significant challenges; some of the world's most vulnerable young people, robbed of their childhoods - forced into work due to extreme poverty and the loss of ONE OR BOTH parents to the devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic. In some cases, the 'lady of the house' was a 12-year-old girl looking after her brothers and sisters.

"But what I remember most from that first visit was learning that this was a country with joy in its heart - a country that faced its challenges with warmth, optimism, and courage. It didn't take me long to be hooked on the country and to the irresistible smiles of its children.'

"If you have been moved by the stories that you've heard, please commit to taking a little bit of time to learn about the fight against HIV in places like Lesotho, throughout Africa, and here in the UK as well."

Harry set up the Sentebale charity with his close friend Prince Seeiso of Lesotho.

Harry's good friend Joss Stone also took to the stage to perform at the charity concert.