Prince Harry has slammed the treatment of British troops as a "joke".

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 32-year-old royal - who served a s a former attack pilot in two tours of Afghanistan - is upset by the way the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) and the Operation Northmoor, who were set up to divulge more information about alleged abuses, as ridiculous, and urges for more support to be invested on the heroes who face prosecution.

However, Harry has had to keep his opinion to himself because of strict rules, which have been set up to bar royals from having their input on political situations.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about Harry's thoughts, a source said: "Harry is furious at the treatment of some British troops.

"He thinks the whole thing is a joke and is very concerned about the support these men and women are getting.

"He's frustrated he can't intervene, but knows he would get in trouble as it would be seen as political interference if he spoke out."

And IHAT are believed to be investigating over 1,500 cases of alleged abuse, which occurred during the Iraq War, whilst Northmoor are concentrating on 550 reports of abuse in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, it has been reported Harry is in support of a new Department of Veterans' affairs, to protect soldiers from "vexatious claims".

The insider explained: "Men and women who served courageously are enduring this ordeal seemingly with no support.

"They should be backed to the hilt, not treated like common crooks.

"Harry's view is that a Department of Veterans' Affairs is a sensible way to achieve this. But he's not able to say so."

This news comes after the report that two British soldiers are allegedly being criminal investigated for detaining two Iraqi people who are believed to have killed British soldiers 13 years ago.

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