Prince Harry stopped in the middle of the Invictus Games to write a letter to a cancer sufferer.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 33-year-old royal was touring the warm-up area of the cycling competition at High Park in Toronto when he sat down for several minutes to pen a handwritten letter to 53-year-old Guylaine Catelain, wife of Colonel Lauren Catelain, who is battling the disease.

Colonel Catelain - who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan - appeared at the London and Orlando Invictus Games but was unable to make it this year because he is home caring for his wife.

French captain David Travadon told reporters of Harry's wonderful gesture: "I asked Prince Harry to write her a note to encourage her. He took his time to write it and put a lot of care and thought into it. It will be very important to her. He sent her his best wishes and told her the spirit of the games is with her."

It comes after Prince Harry admitted the Invictus Games have "changed [his] life".

He said: "They've definitely changed my life. I think having a huge appreciation for service and duty is a life-changing moment. Anyone that has served in uniform, in a uniform, will be able to testify to that. Being able to wear your nation's flag on your arm or on your chest, being part of a team, respect, teamwork, discipline, all of things ... it's lacking in the world today.

"These individuals, people that have served, people that continue to serve, whether they be injured or not, are fantastic role models and role models I think everybody should be looking up to."

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