Britain's Prince Harry would have to make "a lot of promises" to win Chelsy Davy back.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The British royal reportedly met up with his ex-Zimbabwean socialite girlfriend while out in Africa last month, and now a close friend has revealed that if the pair were to start dating again, the Prince would have to consider making changes to their life because Chelsy has "no interest" in living a life in the spotlight and could "never" see herself as a "member of the Royal family".

A friend close to the couple told the Daily Mail newspaper: "But they have both matured a great deal since they last dated, so who knows? However, I think Harry would have to make a lot of promises about how their life would be."

They continued: "The royal wedding was a wake-up call for Chelsy. It highlighted how she didn't fit in with Harry's family or the life that is already mapped out for him."

"Chelsy is a very strong woman and a real free spirit. While lots of girls dream of being a princess, she has no interest in that kind of life at all. She said she could never, ever see herself as a member of the Royal Family."

However, despite saying she "saw no future" in their relationship, according to the family friend the couple have "always been in touch" and are still "incredibly fond of each other".

The insider added: "Chelsy finally decided to call it quits with Harry. She told him that she saw no future in the two of them being together. They have always been in touch and are incredibly fond of each other, although Chelsy swore she would never go back there."