The Prince of Wales is set to make the grounds of his Scottish home "smoke free".

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is reportedly set to take action against smoking outdoors and plans to help prevent nicotine being smoked by banning it from being used in all three of the outdoor areas of his 2,000 acre grounds at Dumfries House in Cumnock.

Speaking about the plans, a spokesperson at the Ayrshire country house told the Mail Online: "As part of a Scottish Government initiative and our integrated health programme at Dumfries House, we are the first local organisation to make their play parks smoke-free."

And the 68-year-old royal - who is married to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall - has strongly urged people playing with their children in the fun areas to not light a cigarette during their visit.

The official website states: "We ask visitors not to smoke while playing with their children at these play parks."

Charles' plans will mark the first area in the northern part of the UK to forbid smoking outside, and this motion comes 11 years after Scotland prohibited smoking in all enclosed public areas, including pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs, which was swiftly followed by the rest of the UK.

And it appears Charles' appears to hold a strong anti-smoking stance ever since his late grandfather, George VI, died from lung cancer.

And it has been reported even Charles' spouse has taken a leaf out of his book as she quit the habit "many years ago".

The website added: "The Duchess of Cornwall gave up smoking many years ago."