Prince William has slammed plans to create a European Super League.

Prince William

Prince William

The 38-year-old royal - who is President of England's Football Association - has taken to Twitter to voice his displeasure at the idea of some of Europe's biggest soccer teams forming their own breakaway league.

He said on the micro-blogging platform: "Now, more than ever, we must protect the entire football community – from the top level to the grassroots – and the values of competition and fairness at its core.

"I share the concerns of fans about the proposed Super League and the damage it risks causing to the game we love. W (sic)"

The controversial plan has prompted threats from the Premier League - the top division in English soccer - that six of its leading clubs could soon be axed from the competition.

David Beckham - who started his career at Manchester United, one of the teams leading the breakaway - has also rubbished the idea on social media.

The former England captain insisted the sport is "nothing without the fans" and warned that the proposals would undermine the "values" of the game.

David, 45 - who is now the co-owner of Inter Miami in the MLS - wrote on Instagram: "I’m someone who loves football. It has been my life for as long as I can remember. I loved it from when I was a young child as a fan, and I’m still a fan now. As a player and now as an owner I know that our sport is nothing without the fans. We need football to be for everyone. We need football to be fair and we need competitions based on merit. Unless we protect these values the game we love is in danger... (sic)"